Thérèse Bonney

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Thérèse Bonney Thérèse Bonney (born Mabel Bonney, Syracuse, New York, July 15, 1894 - Paris, France, January 15, 1978) was an American photographer and publicist. Bonney was best known for her images taken during World War II on the Russian-Finnish front. Her war effort resulted in her being decorated with the Croix de guerre in May 1941 and one of the five degrees the Légion d’honneur. She published several photo-essays and was the subject of the 1944 True Comics issue "Photofighter." Bonney received a bachelor-of-arts degree from the University of California, Berkeley, in 1916 and, in the year subsequent, a master's degree from Radcliffe College in Cambridge, Massachusetts. She settled in Paris and studied at the Sorbonne from 1918–19, publishing a thesis on the moral ideas in the theater of Alexandre Dumas, père, receiving a docteur-des-lettres degree in 1921, and thus became the youngest person, the fourth woman, and the tenth American of either sex to receive the degree from the institution. She was also the first American to receive a scholarship from the Sorbonne. After graduation she received the Horatio Stebbins Scholarship; The Belknap, Baudrillart, and Billy Fellowships; and the Carl  ( Wikipedia article )


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Known as
Therese Bonney
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United States of America


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Radcliffe College
University of California, Berkeley
Harvard University


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