Thomas Allender

History of the Founder of Life's Journey Catholic Ministry Father Tom Allender, nationally known author and preacher has given over 1000 Parish Missions under the general theme of "Life’s Journey." Over the past 27 years, Father Tom has developed a witty and energetic speaking style and a spirituality grounded in the psychological realities of our everyday lives. It is from within this spirituality that he helps us recognize, convincingly, that God loves us unconditionally. Ordained a Jesuit priest in 1971, Father Tom holds degrees in theology and philosophy, has taught at both the high school and college level and performed as an innovative school administrator. With his illuminating practical spirituality, he is at ease as a marriage counselor, advisor to teenagers and retreat director for drug and alcohol dependents. His recent book, God Loves an Unmade Bed is a down-to-earth meeting with a divinity that loves us unconditionally, precisely in our troubles. The parish Mission, "Life’s Journey" has been developed over the past twenty years. It focuses on how we develop a grounded, realistic and psychologically honest spirituality.

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