Thomas Elek

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Thomas Elek, also known as Támas Elek and KERPAL (b. 7 December 1924, Budapest - d. 21 Feb 1944, Paris) was one of the members of the French resistance executed at the fort of Mont Valérien as a member of the Manouchian Group, a volunteer of the French liberation army FTP-MOI. His name was one of the ten featured on the Affiche Rouge, displayed on thousands of copies by the Germans citywide after the trial of the 23 captured members of the Manouchian group. His photograph was displayed with the caption "Elek Juif Hongrois 8 déraillements" (Elek, Hungarian Jew, 8 derailments). Thomas Elek was born in Budapest, Hungary on the 7 December 1924 to a family of communist intellectuals. The Elek family (Thomas, his father Sandor, his sister Marthe and his mother Hélène, then pregnant with a brother, Bela) emigrated to France in 1930. They settled in Paris, where his mother, after various minor jobs, became a restaurateur in 1934. Elek left the Lycée Louis-le-Grand at the age of 16, to become involved in the underground movement. He joined a group of students at the Sorbonne who were linked to the Groupe du musée de l'Homme, wrote and distributed tracts, and stuck papillons (butterflies -  ( Wikipedia article )


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