Tish Daija

Tish Daija (30 January 1926 - 3 October 2004) was an Albanian composer. He composed the first Albanian ballet Halili dhe Hajria (Halili and Hajria) that premiered on 13 January 1963 and has since been showed more than 250 times at the National Theatre of Opera and Ballet of Albania, a record for the Albanian Theatre. He has also composed Spring ("Pranvera"), an Albanian opera. Tish Daija is an alumnus of the Moscow Conservatory. Daija was also a very good football player. He was part of Flamurtari before he seriously dedicated himself to music and even became one of the Albanian Superliga topscorers in the Albanian Superliga in the 1948 national championship with 11 goals, tied to Zihni Gjinali of KS Dinamo Tirana. Daija died at Tirana in 2004.

Personal details

Date of birth
January 30th, 1926
Date of death
October 3rd, 2004 at age of 78
Place of death
Tirana, Albania


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The Moscow Conservatory (Russian: Московская Государственная Консерватория им. П. И. Чайковского, Moscow State Conservatory named for P. I. Tchaikovsky) is a higher musical education institution in Moscow, and the second oldest conservatory in Russia after St. Petersburg Conservatory. Along with the St. Petersburg Conservatory, it is one of the leading music universities in the country.

Type Music school
13/6 Bolshaya Nikitskaya Street, 125009 - Moscow, Russia
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2014. 396 K
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b. 1930., Classical Artist


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