Titus Cloelius Siculus

Titus Cloelius Siculus was one of three men elected to the first collegium of military tribunes with consular power in 444 BC, along with Aulus Sempronius Atratinus and Lucius Atilius Luscus. They abdicated three months later because of flawed auspices pertaining to their election. Cloelius also served on the three-man commission (triumviri coloniae deducendae) appointed in 442 for the purpose of establishing a Roman colony at Ardea. The other commissioners were Agrippa Menenius Lanatus (consul in 439 BC) and Marcus Aebutius Elva. Unless otherwise noted, dates, offices and citations of ancient sources are from T.R.S. Broughton, The Magistrates of the Roman Republic (American Philological Association, 1951, 1986), vol. 1; vol. 2 (1952); vol. 3 (1986); abbreviated MRR.


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