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Todd mcnair

Todd Darren McNair (born August 16, 1965) is a former professional football player and coach. McNair previously worked for six years as the running backs coach for the USC Trojans football team, until the NCAA issued a one-year show-cause penalty against him as part of sanctions related to the ineligibility of one of his former players, Reggie Bush. McNair currently has a lawsuit pending against the NCAA for libel, slander, breach of contract and four other alleged offenses. McNair was born in Camden, New Jersey, to Todd McNair, Sr. and Carolyn McNair. He played high school football at Pennsauken High School and was a 1988 graduate of Temple University where he played football. McNair is the uncle of current Pittsburgh Steelers running back Isaac Redman. Younger brother Scott McNair was also a running back at Temple. McNair played professionally in the National Football League (NFL) for the Kansas City Chiefs and the Houston Oilers. During his career he filled a variety of roles, including acting as lead blocker, special teams, and third-down back. By the end of his career, he ran for 803 yards with 3 touchdowns, caught 252 passes with 7 touchdowns and averaged 18.

Personal details

Date of birth
August 16th, 1965
Places lived
Camden , New Jersey
pop. 76,903 (2013)


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b. 1964., American Football Running back
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b. 1968., Electronica Artist
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