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Tom Araya Tom Araya (born Tomás Enrique Araya Díaz June 6, 1961 in Viña del Mar, Chile) is a Chilean-American musician, best known as the bassist and vocalist of the American thrash metal band Slayer. Araya is ranked fifty-eighth by Hit Parader on their list of the 100 Greatest Metal Vocalists of All Time. Araya was employed as a respiratory therapist in the early 1980s and used his earnings to finance Slayer's debut album Show No Mercy. Much of Araya's lyrical content is about serial killers, a subject he finds interesting, first making his lyrical contribution to 1985's Hell Awaits with the track "At Dawn They Sleep". Araya said that he grew up in "a neighborhood that was pretty gang-oriented." Araya's older brother, Cisco, played the guitar. This inspired Araya to pick up the bass at age eight. The two played Beatles and Rolling Stones songs, which he would later cite as an influence on his own music. In the early 1980s, Araya's eldest sister suggested he enroll in a program to become certified as a respiratory therapist. Araya's father insisted he either find a job or enroll in the course. Araya enrolled in a two year technical course, learning about air mixture ratios, drawing blood,  ( Wikipedia article )


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Known as
Tomás Enrique Araya Díaz,Araya, Tom
Date of birth
Place of birth
United States of America
Sandra Araya
Singer, Musician, Bassist, Songwriter


Year Performance Character
2004 Still Reigning
1995 Slayer: Live Intrusion

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