Tommy Sihotang

Born on 3 December 1957, Dr. Tommy Sihotang S.H., LL.M is a noted Indonesian lawyer of Batak descent. Coming from a lower class family background, Tommy is now a professional and one of the leading Indonesian attorneys, involved in notable cases such as the case in East Timor. He is the current leader of the Christian Democratic Party Indonesia. He is mainly active in Human Rights law. Sihotang grew up in a Christian family with twelve other siblings, as a devoted Christian until today. He was raised in a small town of Pematang Siantar, North Sumatra. Later moved to the capital city of Indonesia, in Jakarta along with his family. Sihotang then received his Bachelor's degree in Law (Sarjana Hukum) at Universitas Jaya Baya, Faculty of Law in 1986. Later he moved to Sheffield, England with his wife and two children and obtained his Master's degree (LL.M) in International, Commercial, and European Law at the University of Sheffield for less than one and a half year in 1999. In 2007, he graduated his doctorate certificate at Universitas Padjajaran (Bandung) with an excellent thesis resulting a cum laude honor.

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Date of birth
December 3rd, 1957


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