Tomy Winata

Tomy Winata (pronounced [╦łtomi wi╦łnata]; born Oei Suat Hong on 23 July 1958; sometimes written Tommy Winata) is an Indonesian businessman who works primarily in the fields of banking and real estate. He was born the son of a spare parts trader and dropped out of school in the seventh grade to sell home-made ice pops to support his family. According to The Washington Post, he then "rose from a car washer and office boy to become one of the nation's richest men". In 2006, he was listed as #35 on a Forbes list of "the 40 richest men in Indonesia", with an estimated worth of $110 million USD. Winata owns numerous businesses under the banner Artha Graha Group. One of them, the consortium PT Bangungraha Sejahtera Mulia, received support from the governors of Banten and Lampung to be the lead contractor in the construction of the Sunda Strait Bridge and was eventually chosen. He has looked for business ventures outside of Indonesia, including in Timor L'Este.

Personal details

Date of birth
July 23rd, 1958


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