Ton Sijbrands

Teunis (Ton) Sijbrands (born December 15, 1949 in Amsterdam) is a famous Dutch player of international draughts who became world champion in 1972 and remained so in 1973 after he successfully defended his title against Andris Andreiko. He also has a weekly column about draughts in the Dutch national newspaper de Volkskrant. In 1967, 1969, 1970, 1971, 1973 and 1988 he was national Dutch champion. He also made major achievements in playing blindfold simultaneous draughts. In 2002 he won 17 games and played 5 draws from a total 22 games, which equals a score of approximately 88%. On December 18, 2004 Sijbrands improved in the Dutch village Lutten the world record blindfold simultaneous draughts. In this attempt that lasted 24 hours, he won 20 out of 24 games; the other 4 were draws, which equals a score of about 92%. At his next attempt, on October 5, 2007 at Tilburg University, he broke his own record again. This time he played 25 games, winning 21 and drawing 4. After losing the record to the compatriot Erno Prosman Sijbrands regained it in September 2009 when he played simultaneously 28 games, winning 18, drawing 7 and losing 3.

Personal details

Date of birth
December 15th, 1949
Places lived
Amsterdam , Netherlands
pop. 820,654 (2012)


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