Traian Căldărar

Traian Căldărar is a Romanian Romani boy who lived for approximately three years in the wild. In February of 2002 a shepherd found him huddling in a cardboard box naked and barely alive. Although aged seven at the time he was still the size of a three year old, suffering from severe malnutrition and rickets and scarred from frostbite. He was cared for in an orphanage in Braşov, 110 miles from Bucharest. Doctors believed it was impossible for him to have survived for so long alone under those conditions and speculate that he lived with wild dogs. He had forgotten how to speak. Soon after his discovery Traian was reunited with his mother, Lina Căldărar, who told authorities that at the time of Traian's disappearance she had been forced to flee from Traian's abusive father. She returned to the house shortly thereafter for Traian only to find that he had run away. As of April 2002, Traian had returned to his mother's care. Although when first found his behavior was very animalistic, he rapidly began to relearn human behavior, unlike many feral children who, when found at a later age, are usually unable to learn language and have normal human relations.

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