Tyria Moore

Tyria Moore (born August 3, 1962) is an American woman best known for her relationship with serial killer Aileen Wuornos. Moore gained notoriety after Wuornos was arrested and accused of the murder of seven men in Florida. Moore grew up as a Christian in Ohio. Her parents suspected her of being a lesbian, but she had not maintained any known relationships with women before meeting Wuornos. Her parents were disapproving of her sexual orientation, her father more so than her mother. As a young adult, Moore travelled to Daytona Beach, where she met Wuornos at a bar, quickly falling in love with her new friend. Moore found out that Wuornos was a prostitute; later, she also found out that Wuornos had been killing men. Moore and Wuornos lived nomadic lives mostly moving around seedy motels. It has been claimed that Moore lived happily as a homemaker while Wuornos brought in cash from her job as a prostitute. After Wuornos killed a police (allegedly before she knew the man was a police officer), Wuornos went on the run. Moore, meanwhile, had traveled to Ohio to visit her family. Shortly after, Wuornos was arrested by the Florida police.

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