Upali Wijewardene

Philip Upali Wijewardene (Sinhala:උපාලි විජයවර්ධන) (17 February 1938 - 13 February 1983) was a well-known businessman in Sri Lanka who established the Upali Group. At the time of his death, Wijewardene had branched in to newspapers, confectionery and even started a domestic air line named Upali Air. He was killed when his private Learjet exploded in mid air on February 13, 1983. The young Upali who lost his father at the age of l 1/2 years was brought up by his mother Anula Kalyanawathie Wijewardene. Upali was educated at Prestigious Royal College, Colombo. He later graduated from Queen's College of Cambridge University in England. On his return to Sri Lanka Upali commenced his business career as a Management Trainee at Lever Brothers. Thereafter, he ventured out on his own and founded the Upali Group of Companies under the sign of the eternal symbol of energy "THE SUN Wijewardene entered the medium of comics with Chithra Mithra (Picture Friend) in February (1981) because it offered a large market to begin a publication without advertising and it allowed him to test his printing presses.

Personal details

Date of birth
Sri Lanka
Date of death
February 13th, 1983 at age of 45
Cause of death
Aviation accident or incident


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Organizations founded

1. Upali Air


Date funded


Wikiedia article

Upali Air is one of the defunct airlines of Sri Lanka. It was the island's first domestic airline.


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