Vasyl Barvinsky Composer

Vasyl Oleksandrovych Barvinsky (Ukrainian: Василь Олександрович Барвінський) (February 20, 1888 – June 9, 1963) was a Ukrainian composer, pianist, conductor, teacher, musicologist, and music related social figure. Barvinsky was one of the first Ukrainian composers to gain worldwide recognition. His pieces were published not only in the Soviet Union, but also in Vienna, Leipzig, New York (Universal Edition), and Japan. Barvinsky directed a post-secondary musical institution in the city of Lviv (1915-1948), and was considered to be the head of musical life at the time. Currently there is a College of Music named after Barvinsky in Drohobych city of Ukraine. Vasyl Barvinsky was born in Ternopil, on February 20, 1888. Barvinsky descended from an older aristocratic family. Barvinsky's father, Oleksander Barvinsky, was famous Ukrainian pedagogue, politician, and public figure. In 1917 he was appointed a member of the Austrian upper chamber. Vasyl's mother, singer and pianist, became his first music teacher. Barvinsky gained professional music education in Lviv conservatory. Barvinsky continued his music education in Prague.

Personal details

Date of birth
February 20th, 1888
Date of death
June 9th, 1963 at age of 75


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