Veborg (died 750), was a Legendary Scandinavian Shieldmaiden, famous for having participated in the legendary Battle of BrĂ¥valla, which occurred in Sweden in approximately 750. She was of Swedish or Danish origin. The battle was between King Harald Hildetand of Denmark and Sweden, and his Viceroy King Sigurd Ring of Sweden; Sweden was during this age several little kingdoms, but Harald Hildetand had been elected king over most of them. King Sigurd had plans to unite all these kingdoms under one crown permanently, while king Harald wished to keep the possibility of electing different kings to each one, and the battle was therefore between unionists and separatists. It is said that the different sides drew mercenaries from Russia, England, Germany and Ireland, and on the side of the separatists of king Harald participated three hundred female soldiers, so-called Shieldmaidens, and the most famous one, besides Visna and Harald's own daughter Princess Hed, was Veborg; these three women are described as the generals of the female troops. Veborg's contribution in the battle is described in detail;

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