Vicente Filisola

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Vicente Filisola (sometimes Vicente Filísola, with an acute accent on the second syllable) (b. ca. 1789, Ravello, Italy - d. July 23, 1850, Mexico City) was a Spanish military figure, Mexican military and political figure in the 19th century. He joined the Spanish army on March 17, 1804, fighting in many battles of the Napoleonic Wars. He later served in New Spain (Mexico) in 1811. As a supporter of Agustin de Iturbide, who declared himself emperor of Mexico, he became a brigadier general in command of the Army of the Three Guarantees. Emperor Iturbide sent him to Central America to ensure its inclusion in the Mexican Empire. This he did, but when Iturbide fell in 1823 and Mexico was declared a republic, Central America (except for Chiapas) declared independence from Mexico. As a governor of Mexico, he occupied Guatemala City after the formation of the Federal Republic of Central America and was successful in annexing El Salvador in 1823, causing an uprising there. In compliance with the Mexican constitution, Filisola convened the Central American congress which forthwith declared its independence from Mexico. Filisola was not able to maintain a fighting force, and his troops were  ( Wikipedia article )


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United States of America


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Mexico City

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