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Victor-Viorel Ponta (Romanian pronunciation: [ˈviktor ˈponta]; born 20 September 1972) is a Romanian jurist and politician. A member of the Social Democratic Party (PSD) and its leader since 2010, he has been a member of the Romanian Chamber of Deputies for Gorj County since 2004. In the Emil Boc cabinet, he was Minister-Delegate for Relations with Parliament from 2008 to 2009. The joint leader of the Social Liberal Union, he became Prime Minister of Romania in May 2012. He was born in Bucharest, completing secondary studies in 1991 at the city's Ion Neculce High School. In 1995, he graduated from the University of Bucharest's Law faculty. In 2000, he received a master's degree in International Criminal Law from the University of Catania; he received a degree from the Carol I National Defence University in 2002, and in 2003 received a doctorate in Criminal Law from the University of Bucharest and a master's degree in Political Management from the Social Democratic Institute. He has written several books in his field, including one on the International Criminal Court, the subject of his doctoral thesis.

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1. Carol I National Defence University Colleges/University

The Carol I National Defence University (Romanian: Universitatea Naţională de Apărare "Carol I"), located in Bucharest, Romania, was established in 1889. It seeks to train military and civilian experts in security and national defence. It undertakes scientific studies related to these matters when requested by relevant state authorities. It is a member of the International Association for Military Pedagogy (IAMP), whose members include military and civilian professionals from military institutions of advanced learning.

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The University of Bucharest (Romanian: Universitatea din București), in Romania, is a university founded in 1864 by decree of Prince Alexandru Ioan Cuza to convert the former Saint Sava Academy into the current University of Bucharest.

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The Social Democratic Party is the major social-democratic political party in Romania. The largest party in Parliament with initially 63 seats in the Senate and 158 seats in the Chamber of Deputies, it also has the largest number of mayors, local and county councilors and county presidents thus being the biggest and most influential political force in the country. PSD was formed in 1992, after the post-communist National Salvation Front broke apart. It adopted its present name after a merger with a minor social-democratic party in 2001. Since its formation, it has always been one of the two dominant parties of the country. The Social Democratic Party governed Romania from 1992 to 1996, also from 2000 to 2004 and currently does so since 7 May 2012, initially alongside allied-parties in the Social Liberal Union until February 2014. PSD founder Ion Iliescu became President of the Republic, in office from the end of Communism in 1989 to 1996, and again from 2000 to 2004. The current president of the PSD is Victor Ponta, Prime Minister of Romania, elected on 20 February 2010.

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The Prime Minister of Romania is the head of the Government of Romania. Initially, the office was styled President of the Council of Ministers, when the term "Government" included more than the Cabinet, and the Cabinet was called The Council of Ministers. The title was officially changed to Prime Minister during the communist regime. The current Prime Minister is Victor Ponta, Leader of the PSD and of the Social Liberal Union, who took over the position on 7 May 2012 after the parliamentary dismissal of the short-lived Ungureanu Cabinet.

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