Viktors Pupols

Viktors PÅ«pols (born 31 July 1934.) is an American chess master. Known by many local players as "Uncle Vik," he frequently plays at the Tacoma Chess Club. He was the Club Champion in 1955, and some of his games can be viewed online at the club's website. Pupols is currently married to Deborah Petzal-Pupols. In 1955, Pupols played in the U.S. Junior Championship in Lincoln, Nebraska, won by Charles Kalme. Pupols beat young Bobby Fischer with a Latvian Gambit. This is one of only two games that Fischer ever lost on time (see time control). Fischer became the world's youngest grandmaster three years later. He first played in a Washington State Championship tournament in 1954. He has played in most of the tournaments since, winning outright in 1961, 1974, and 1989, and tying for first in 1978. He won the tournament in 1964, but Gerald Ronning took the title in a match. In 1975, he tied for 6th-11th in Vancouver (Paul Keres won, immediately before his death). In 1980, he won the Keres Memorial in Vancouver. He thrice won the Idaho Open (1984, 1985, and 1986).

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