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Virginia Steen-McIntyre is an American geologist who specializes in volcanic ash studies (tephrochronology) with a secondary interest in archaeological site stratigraphy. She is known primarily for the controversial Hueyatlaco site, State of Puebla, Mexico, excavated during the 1960s. The site is one among four discovered along the north shore of the Valsequillo Reservoir by archaeologist Cynthia Irwin-Williams and Juan Armenta Camacho. Steen-McIntyre was a member of the team that dated the site to an era well before conventionally-accepted dates of human habitation in the Americas (roughly 250,000 to 300,000 years), and critics suggest she may have engaged in unprofessional or unscientific conduct. The site is still under investigation by other professionals. Virginia Steen-McIntyre was born in Chicago, Illinois. She received her bachelor of arts degree from Augustana College (1959), her masters from Washington State University (1965), and her PhD from the University of Idaho (1977). Her advanced degrees are in geology, with minors in soils and ecology. At Hueyatlaco, Irwin-Williams and Armenta discovered sophisticated stone tools from two separate sediment horizons;

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