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Maharshi V.R. Shinde was born at Jamkhandi a small princely State, now a part of the Karnataka.Though Shinde's family was basically Marathi speaking, it was a typical example of a confluence of both the linguistc cultures of Kannada and Marathi(April 23, 1873 – January 2, 1944)He was a prominent campaigner on behalf of the Dalit movement in India who established the Depressed Classes Mission of India to provide education to the Dalits. In 1898 he obtained B.A. Degree from the Fergusson College at Pune, India. He had also studied and passed the first year law and moved to Mumbai (Bombay) for LL.B. examination, however gave up this course in order to attend to other compelling callings in his life. This same year he joined the Prarthana Samaj, Where he was further inspired and influenced by G.B. Kotkar, Shivrampant Gokhle, Justice Ranade, R.G. Bhandarkar and K.B. Marathe and became its missionary. The Prarthana Samaj selected him, to go to England in 1901, to study comparative religion at the Manchester College, founded by the Unitarian Church, at Oxford University. Maharaja Sahyajirao Gaikwad, of Baroda (a progressive and reformist in his own rights) provided some financial help  ( Wikipedia article )


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