Vladimir Pecherin

Vladimir pecherin

Father Vladimir Sergeyvich Pecherin (Владимир Сергеевич Печерин) (1807–1885), was a controversial Russian political figure both in 19th-century Ireland and in Russia. A rebellious writer and Romantic lyricist poet that rejected despotism, his writings in his autobiographical notes and in his letters to other Russians provide a historical context to the evolution of Russian intellectual thought of the 1860s and 1870s. Pecherin's writings present the Russian Zeitgeist of the period artistically. Pecherin was born in the town of Velyka Dymerka in the Russian Empire (modern-day Ukraine) on June 27, 1807. He was raised in the Russian Orthodox Church. Pecherin was attracted to the moral and religious ideology of Utopian Socialism. He entered Moscow University, as a student of classical languages, and he wrote manuscripts of poetry that circulated among his university companions. Pecherin was sent abroad for two years on a government scholarship to complete his education. In 1835, after returning to Moscow University from his travels, even before completing his degree, Pecherin was appointed as Professor of Greek Language and antiquities.

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Date of birth
Date of death
1885 at age of 78


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