Vladislaus II of Bohemia and Hungary Monarch

Vladislaus ii of bohemia and hungary

Vladislaus II, also known as Ladislaus Jagiellon (Czech: Vladislav Jagellonský, Hungarian: II. Ulászló, Polish: Władysław II Jagiellończyk, Croatian: Vladislav Jagelović, Slovak: Vladislav Jagelovský); (1 March 1456, Kraków, Poland – 13 March 1516, Buda, Hungary) was King of Bohemia from 1471 and King of Hungary from 1490 until his death in 1516. He was also a knight of the Order of the Dragon. Vladislaus was born on 1 March 1456, the son of King Casimir IV of Poland and Great Duke of Lithuania, the then head of the ruling Jagiellon dynasty of Poland, and of Elizabeth of Hungary, daughter of the Duke Albert II of Germany, King of Hungary and Bohemia. He was christened as the namesake of his grandfather King Władysław Jagiełło of Poland and Lithuania, maternal uncle King Ladislaus the Posthumous of Bohemia and his late paternal uncle Władysław III of Poland, an earlier king of Hungary. He was proposed for the Bohemian throne by the widow of the previous king, George of Poděbrady, and was crowned the King of Bohemia (Vladislav) on 22 August 1471. The period after the death of George of Poděbrady was a time of conflict for the Bohemian throne and Vladislaus was unable to confront it.

Personal details

Date of birth
March 1st, 1456
Date of death
March 13th, 1516 at age of 60
Place of death


1.Jagiellonian dynasty

Royal line


Kingdoms ruled

Grand Duchy of Lithuania
Kingdom of Bohemia
Kingdom of Hungary

Succeded by

House of Vasa

Member of order 1

Order name Title Member from
Order of the Dragon


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