Wallada bint al-Mustakfi Poet

Wallada bint al-Mustakfi (Arabic: ولادة بنت المستكفي‎) (born in Cordova in 1001 - died March 26, 1080), was an Arab Andalusian poet of Arabic language. She was the daughter of Muhammad III of Córdoba, one of the last Umayyad Cordoban caliphs, who came to power in 1024 after assassinating the previous caliph Abderraman V, and who was assassinated himself two years later in Uclés. Her early childhood during the high period of the Caliphate of Córdoba, under the rule of Al-Mansur Ibn Abi Aamir. Her adolescent years came during the tumultuous period following the eventual succession of Aamir's son Sanchuelo, who in his attempts to seize power from Hisham II, plunged the caliphate into civil war. As the Muhammad III had no male heir, Wallada inherited his properties, and used them to open a palace and literary hall in Córdoba. There she offered instruction in poetry and the arts of love to women of all classes, from those of noble birth to slaves purchased by Wallada herself. Some of the great poets and intellectuals of the time also visited. Wallada was an ideal beauty of the time: blonde, fair-skinned and blue-eyed, in addition to being intelligent, cultured and proud.

Personal details

Date of birth
Caliphate of Córdoba
Date of death
March 26th, 1091 at age of 97
Places lived
Córdoba , Spain
pop. 328,488 (2009)




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