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Walter Stone Tevis (February 28, 1928 - August 8, 1984) was an American novelist and short story writer. Three of his six novels were adapted into major films: The Hustler, The Color of Money and The Man Who Fell to Earth. His books have been translated into at least 18 languages. Tevis was born in San Francisco, California and grew up in the Sunset District, near the Pacific Ocean and Golden Gate Park. When he was ten years old, his parents placed him in the Stanford Children's Convalescent home for a year while they returned to Kentucky, where the family had been given a grant of land in Madison County. At the age of 11, Tevis traveled across country alone on a train to rejoin his family. Near the end of World War II, the 17-year-old Tevis served in the Pacific Theater as a Navy carpenter's mate on board the USS Hamilton. After his discharge, he graduated from Model High School in 1945 and entered the University of Kentucky, where he received B.A. and M.A. degrees in English literature and studied with A.B. Guthrie, Jr., the author of The Big Sky. While a student there, Tevis worked in a pool hall and published a story about pool written for Guthrie's class.

Personal details

Date of birth
February 28th, 1928
United States of America
Date of death
August 8th, 1984 at age of 56
Place of death
New York, United States of America
Cause of death
Lung cancer
Places lived
Kentucky , United States of America
pop. 4,395,295 (2013)
San Francisco , California
pop. 837,442 (2013)




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b. 1929., U.S. Congressperson
b. 1926., Actor
b. 1925., Physicist

Movies written

Title Year Budget Awards Producers Directors Co-writers External resources
The Man Who Fell to Earth
1976 1

Written work

1.The Hustler

Editions Subjects Co-authors
1959. by Harper (214 pages)
1961. at New York City
1962. at New York City
Popular literature

2.The Man Who Fell to Earth

Speculative fiction, Science Fiction
Editions Subjects Co-authors
1963. by Gold Medal Books (144 pages)
1964. by Frederick Muller Ltd (168 pages)
1970. by Lancer (189 pages)
1976. by Avon (189 pages)
1978. by Gregg Press (144 pages)
1986. by Dell/Laurel (184 pages)
1988. by Abacus (202 pages)
1990. by BOMC (247 pages)
1994. by Lightyear / Buccaneer (144 pages)
1999. by Ballantine Del Rey Impact (209 pages)
2005. by Ballantine Del Rey Impact (160 pages)
Alien Visitation


Speculative fiction, Science Fiction, Fiction
Editions Subjects Co-authors
1980. by Doubleday at Garden City (247 pages)
1980. by Doubleday / SFBC (247 pages)
1981. by Readers Union (247 pages)
1981. by Bantam Books (276 pages)
1984. by Corgi (276 pages)
1999. by Ballantine Del Rey Impact (275 pages)
2007. by Gollancz / Orion (278 pages)

4.The Steps of the Sun

Speculative fiction, Fiction
Editions Subjects Co-authors
1983. by Doubleday (251 pages)
1983. at Garden City
1984. by Victor Gollancz Ltd (251 pages)
1985. by Corgi (253 pages)
1990. by Macmillan/Collier Nucleus (251 pages)

5.The Queen's Gambit

Psychological thriller, Thriller
Editions Subjects Co-authors
1983. by Random House at New York City (243 pages)


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