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Wendy penney

Wendy Penney is a singer and bass guitar player who began performing in 1966, and founded with Roger Penney the musical groups Bermuda Triangle Band, Roger and Wendy, and Euphoria (American band). Wendy started playing bass guitar in 1967 at a time when women bass players were a rarity. In October, 1969 VARIETY writes "Wendy is one of the very few women who can really play electric bass." Penney also became known for her vocal ability. In 1981, ENTERTAINMENT NEW YORK magazine's writes "Wendy, ethereal and beautiful bass guitarist, mesmerizes with a crystal clear soprano that's got to be one of the best in the business." Penney has been a member of 3 bands: Roger and Wendy (1967-), Euphoria (1969–1970), and Bermuda Triangle Band (1975-). She has done extensive concert tours throughout the United States and Canada. In 1969 Wendy Penney formed the group Euphoria with Roger Penney, Tom Pacheco and Sharon Alexander, They recorded the album entitled "Euphoria" for MGM/Heritage Records> Wendy Penny wrote all the music for a 10 part series "Inside The Bermuda Triangle" on BBC-4 radio which was broadcast September 14–25, 2009.


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