Wesley Weber

Wesley Weber was a Canadian who succeeded in counterfeiting the Canadian hundred-dollar bill. Because of this, many stores stopped accepting $100 dollar bills until the note was redesigned. According to the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, they are the highest quality computer produced counterfeits of Canadian currency to date. This was one reason that the 100 dollar bills were redesigned to make them more difficult to counterfeit. The Weber bill is still taught in police colleges as the prime test case for counterfeit. Wesley Weber was a self-taught mastermind who had spent years tinkering with banknotes to perfect the simulated images and security features. These skills earned him a conviction for cheque forgery ring in 1997, and another for counterfeiting $10 and $20 bills since 1999. He was arrested in October 2000 for passing a counterfeit $100 at an auto parts supplier, but was released on bail a week later. He pled guilty in August 2001, and received a five year prison sentence. Weber was released from jail in August 2006. Accomplices Caporale, Kossum, and Hodare all received two year sentences. They were released from jail in August 2003.


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