Wilhelm Friedrich Wieprecht Conductor

Wilhelm Friedrich Wieprecht (August 10, 1802 - August 4, 1872) was a German musical conductor, composer and inventor. Wieprecht was born at Aschersleben, where his father was town musician. According to his autobiography, Wieprecht early learned from his father to play on nearly all wind instruments. It was in violin-playing, however, that his father particularly wished him to excel; and in 1819 he went to Dresden, where he studied composition and the violin to such good purpose that a year later he was given a position in the city orchestra of Leipzig, playing also in those of the opera and the famous Gewandhaus. At this time, besides playing the violin and clarinet in the orchestra, he also gave solo performances on the trombone. In 1824 he went to Berlin, where he became a member of the royal orchestra, and was in the same year appointed chamber musician to the king. His residence at Berlin gave Wieprecht ample opportunity for the exercise of his genius for military music, on which his fame mainly rests.

Personal details

Date of birth
August 10th, 1802
Date of death
August 4th, 1872 at age of 70


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