William Burke Miller

Journalist from United States of America

William Burke "Skeets" Miller (c. 1904 – December 29, 1983) was a newspaper and radio reporter According to census documents, William Burke Miller was born in Louisville, KY. He was the son of Charles J. (an assistant manager at a furniture store) and Julia Miller. They also had another child, a daughter named Mary. Little is known about Miller's childhood, although several sources have noted he had originally dreamed of being a professional singer ("The Man Who" 27). Miller first came to prominence somewhat by accident. He was a cub reporter for the Louisville's Courier-Journal, making $25 a week ("Two Men," 33), and his newspaper sent him to cover the story of Floyd Collins,a 35-year old man who had been trapped in a cave, his leg pinned by a large rock ("Tells How Cave" 2). As the story unfolded, Miller was able to report from the scene, and even make contact with Collins: Miller was very slight (five feet five inches tall, 117 lbs.), enabling him to squeeze into a part of the cave where he could actually talk to Collins, pray with him, and even bring him food, as rescuers engaged in a frantic effort to get him out ("Ex-Reporter," 1; "Collins Release, 1; "Reporter Who Prayed,"  ( Wikipedia article )


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