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William Henry Dillon Bell (1884 – 31 July 1917) was a Reform Party Member of Parliament in New Zealand. He won the Wellington Suburbs and Country seat in the 1911 general election, and held it to 1914, when he retired and volunteered for service in World War I. He served in the Samoa Expeditionary Force, and was killed in action in Belgium on 31 July 1917 as a Captain with a King's regiment, the 1st King Edward's Horse. He was a son of Sir Francis Bell, a Reform Party leader and later the first New Zealand-born Prime Minister.

Personal details

Date of birth
Date of death
1917 at age of 33

Military conflicts participated

World War I


July 28th, 1914


November 11th, 1918

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World War I, also known as the First World War or the Great War, was a global war centred in Europe that began on 28 July 1914 and lasted until 11 November 1918. More than 9 million combatants and 7 million civilians died as a result of the war, a casualty rate exacerbated by the belligerents' technological and industrial sophistication, and tactical stalemate. It was one of the deadliest conflicts in history, paving the way for major political changes, including revolutions in many of the nations involved. The war drew in all the world's economic great powers, which were assembled in two opposing alliances: the Allies and the Central Powers of Germany and Austria-Hungary. Although Italy had also been a member of the Triple Alliance alongside Germany and Austria-Hungary, it did not join the Central Powers, as Austria-Hungary had taken the offensive against the terms of the alliance. These alliances were reorganised and expanded as more nations entered the war: Italy, Japan and the United States joined the Allies, and the Ottoman Empire and Bulgaria the Central Powers.


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