William I Talvas Noble person

William I Talvas (c. 995 – 1052), seigneur of Alençon. He was a son of William of Bellême and Mathilde of Condé-sur-Noireau. He assumed the Bellême estates upon the murder of his brother Robert, by the Sor family in revenge for the deaths of their father and brothers (Robert of Bellême had hanged them after their capture in battle). His reputation was that of a wicked man, "in all things worse than his brothers, and his wickedness has flourished to this day among his heirs. He was married to Hildeburg, who was the mother of his son Arnulf and daughter Mabel. But his marriage was unsatisfying and he had his wife murdered on her way to church. He soon married the daughter of Rodulf the vicomte of Beaumont. Then he angered his neighbors by mutilating one William of Giroie: the Giroie family and their allies raided his lands then invested his castle in revenge. His son Arnulf quarreled with him, and he threw him out. His enemies challenged him to come out and fight, but Talvas' courage failed him and he surrendered and was exiled: the vicomte's daughter abandoned him at this point. Only his daughter Mabel stood by him.

Personal details

Date of birth
Date of death
1030 at age of 35
Place of death
Domfront, Orne




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