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William Wallace Kimball (1828 – 1904) was the founder of the company now known as Kimball International. Kimball was born in Rumford, Maine. He moved to Decorah, Iowa, in his mid-twenties and became a real estate broker. He liquidated his investments just before the Panic of 1857 and moved to Chicago. In 1857 he also founded the Kimball Piano Company, beginning with only four pianos. He sold these at a profit and progressed from there, selling pianos manufactured in the east and shipped to his store. Before the Great Chicago Fire, he had a store in the Crosby Opera House. His place of business was destroyed in the fire, and he lost over $100,000. He later moved to State and Adams Streets. In 1877, Kimball decided to manufacture his own pianos to keep down the cost of the final product. In 1881, he opened his own factory and began churning out around 100 pianos and organs every week. Kimball Avenue (3400W) is named after him.

Personal details

Date of birth
Date of death
1904 at age of 76
Places lived
Maine , United States of America
pop. 1,328,302 (2013)
Decorah , Iowa
pop. 8,089 (2013)
Chicago , Illinois
pop. 2,718,782 (2013)

Organizations founded

1. Kimball Piano Company

Musical instrument company

2. Kimball International

Public company

Official web page

Lidership history

Donald D Charron
John H Kahle
Robert F Schneider
Gary W Schwartz


1600 ROYAL ST, 47549 - Jasper, Indiana

Wikiedia article

Kimball International is a manufacturer of furniture and electronic assemblies, serving customers around the world. Kimball International consists of two groups: the Furniture Segment and the Contract Electronics Segment. It is the successor to W.W. Kimball and Company, the world's largest piano and organ manufacturer at certain times in the 19th and 20th centuries.

Board members

Gary P Critser
Christine M Vujovich
Ronald J Thyen
James C Thyen
James C Thyen
John T Thyen


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