Yesubai was the wife of the Maratha emperor Sambhaji. Yesubai was the daughter of Pilajirao Shirke, an illustrious Maratha sardar (chieftain), who was in the services of Chhatrapati Shivaji. Yesubai was by various accounts extremely beautiful, wise and prudent. She was fiercely loyal to the goals of her father-in-law, Shivaji, of establishing and perpetuating the Maratha Empire. It is said that she aided her husband, Chhatrapati Sambhaji Maharaj in the daily affairs of state, giving just and wise suggestions. She was extremely loyal to her husband Sambhaji, and was very proud of his audacity and other qualities. She did not hesitate to go against her own brother when he unjustly demanded of Sambhaji a vatan. She was the most favourite wife of Sambhaji Maharaj, and was his lifelong faithful companion, friend and beloved. They had a son called Shahaji, but he was renamed by Aurangzeb as Shahu to obliterate any memories of his grandfather, Shahaji Maharaj. She was very honest woman. After her husband's death, she herself came up with a sipirtual mind and took the responsiblites of the Maratha power. She, even being a woman, fought with the Britishers and won against them.




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