Yiannos Ioannou Soccer Forward

Yiannos Ioannou (Greek: Γιάννος Ιωάννου) (born January 25, 1966) is a former Cypriot football player. He was one of the most successful strikers in Cyprus ever and because of that he was given the nickname "Mr Goal". Playing almost 20 years for APOEL, he won the Cypriot Championship 4 times, the Cypriot Cup 6 times and the Super Cup 6 times too. In addition, he was the top scorer in Cyprus in the seasons 1985-1986 and 1992–1993, scoring 22 goals in each season. He is the player who has the most appearances and goals in the history of APOEL, having in total 504 appearances and 264 goals in all competitions. Because of these achievements, he is characterized from APOEL fans as legend. He earned the respect and admiration of APOEL fans and all Cypriot football fans in general. Yiannos Ioannou had been also an important member of the Cyprus national football team, having 41 appearances and scoring 6 goals. He served for many years as assistant manager for APOEL.

Personal details

Date of birth
January 25th, 1966
Places lived
Nicosia , Cyprus


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