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Zachary "Zach" L. Bonner (born November 17, 1997) is an American philanthropist and founder of the non-profit charity Little Red Wagon Foundation. Bonner received the Presidential Service Award in 2006. When he was seven years old, he founded the organization to aid the 1.3 million homeless children in the United States. Bonner said that, "These kids don't have a home, they don't have a safe place to sleep at night. They're out on the streets not because they want to be, but because it's out of their control. In 2007, Bonner began his three-stage "My House to the White House" project. The project's purpose was to raise money and awareness for homeless children. In 2007, he walked 280 miles from Tampa to Tallahassee, Florida, while in 2008, he covered 250 miles from Tallahassee to Atlanta, Georgia. In the final leg of the trip, he walked 668 miles from Georgia to Washington D.C. Upon the completion of the "My House to the White House" project, Bonner planned another project, March Across America. From March 23 to September 14, 2010, he walked 2,448 miles from Tampa to Los Angeles. Bonner has done a variety of volunteer work since he was six years old.

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The Little Red Wagon Foundation is a non-profit charity that raises money and collects supplies for needy children. Founded in 2005 by Zach Bonner, the organization has raised thousands of dollars to build apartments for the needy.


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