Giuseppe Schirò

Giuseppe Schirò (Albanian: Zef Skiroi; Piana dei Greci, August 10, 1865 – Napoli, February 17, 1925) was an Arbëreshë neo-classical poet, linguist, publicist and folklorist from Sicily. His literary work marked the transition to modern Albanian literature in Italy. After completing the Arbëreshë Seminar of Palermo, he studied law. In the first period of his creativeness, Skiroi treated the patriotic tradition of Arbërisht literature. Author of the poem "Mili and Hajdhia". Other works of his are "Songs of Liktor", "In a foreign country," "Folk songs of Albania". He supported the local Mafia boss Francesco Cuccia for mayor of Piana dei Greci in April 1922. Schirò was an unyielding opponent of Nicola Barbato, the socialist leader of the town. He publicly defended the Mafia administration of Cuccia several times, considering it "the most suitable for the peaceful development of the best qualities of its people," able to open "a new period in our history." In a speech from the balcony of City Hall, he praised Cuccia to have had the merit and the courage "to have done away with that red flag of socialism from our community.

Personal details

Date of birth
August 10th, 1865
Date of death
1925 at age of 59


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