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Zhang Jiuling (simplified Chinese: 张九龄; traditional Chinese: 張九齡; Wade–Giles: Chang Chiu-ling) (673–740), courtesy name Zishou (子壽), nickname Bowu (博物), formally Count Wenxian of Shixing (始興文獻伯), was a prominent minister, noted poet and scholar of the Tang Dynasty, serving as chancellor during the reign of Emperor Xuanzong. Zhang Jiuling was born in 673, during the reign of Emperor Gaozong. His family was from Qujiang (曲江) in Shao Prefecture (韶州, roughly modern Shaoguan, Guangdong), which was at the time a relatively remote area of the Tang empire. His family traced its ancestry to the Jin Dynasty (265-420) chancellor Zhang Hua. His great-grandfather Zhang Junzheng (張君政) served as the secretary general of Shao Prefecture, and therefore settled there. His grandfather Zhang Zizhou (張子冑) served as a county magistrate, and his father Zhang Hongyu (張弘愈) served as a county secretary general. Zhang Jiuling was said to be intelligent in his childhood and capable in literary skills. In 685, when he was 12, he had an occasion to write a letter to Wang Fangqing, then the prefect of Guang Prefecture (廣州, roughly modern Guangzhou, Guangdong).

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Date of birth
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0740 at age of 67


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