Zinovy Rozhestvensky

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Zinovy Rozhestvensky Zinovy Petrovich Rozhestvensky (Russian: Зиновий Петрович Рожественский) (November 11 [O.S. October 30] 1848 – January 14, 1909) was an admiral of the Imperial Russian Navy. He was in command of the Second Pacific Squadron in the Battle of Tsushima, during the Russo-Japanese War. Admiral Rozhesvensky selected the Knyaz Suvorov, one of four brand new battleships of the French-designed Borodino class, as his flagship for the voyage to the Pacific. Under Admiral Rozhestvensky's command, the Russian navy holds the record of sailing an all-steel, coal-powered battleship fleet over 18,000 miles one way, to engage an enemy in decisive battle. Rozhestvensky graduated from the Sea Cadet Corps in 1868 and the Mikhailovsky Artillery Academy in 1873. he initially served with the Baltic Fleet as a gunnery officer. In 1876 he transferred to the Black Sea Fleet. During the Russo Turkish War he served on board the gunboat Vesta. On June 10, 1877 six torpedo boats, five of which were armed with spar torpedoes, attempted to attack four ironclads of the Turkish Navy. The then Lieutenant Rozhestvensky volunteered to lead the first attack against the Turkish warships, but his torpedo boat became caught  ( Wikipedia article )


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Saint Petersburg


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Saint Petersburg

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